Personal experience in running entertainment centers, allowed me to get to know their specificity and accurately identify problems related to the management of game zones. I came to the conclusion that numerous duties related to the current service, supervision and prizes consume too much time, which is worth spending on direct interactions with guests or marketing activities. In addition, there are measurable losses caused by the failures of payment terminals or cash registers and problems with the quick service of these devices.

In search of solutions that would help me improve the management of the entertainment center, I only came across the Argentinean system, the limited functionality of which was not satisfactory for me. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands, which resulted in the creation of my own systems for the effective management of arcades / entertainment centers and the coordination of the prizes zones.

This is how two independent systems were created – Pug2Play and Pug Toys, thanks to which I regained full control over my business and improved profitability by over 40% (revenue increase by 27% and costs reduction by 18%). The solutions I have developed enjoy are getting more and more interest among managers and owners of family entertainment zones, including the famousEnergylandia amusement park in Zator, where we have completed 5 implementations so far.

Konrad Kardacz

Piotr Tabiś

Projekt Manager Pug2play

tel. +48 798 954 282


Tymoteusz Garbecki

Manager PugToys

tel +48 501 577 885


ul. Klonowa 25
10-155 Olsztyn
798 954 282

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