Project title:

Introduction of the Pug2Play product to foreign markets by the KARDACZ GROUP KONRAD KARDACZ company


Goles and planned effects of the project:

  • acquiring new foreign markets that is Great Britain (England) and the Netherlands;
  • an increase of revenues by at least 30% within 12 months after completing the project;
  • expanding the business thanks to the experience acquired through economic cooperation of an international character;
  • an increase in income, which will allow increasing the sales volume of the Pug2Play package;
  • establishing new international contacts, which will allow for further foreign expansion into new markets.


Measurable effects of the project implementation:

– Number of internationalization business models prepared for implementation – 1;

– Number of new markets (countries) where the applicant is ready to start selling products – 2;

– Number of organized business process support channels that will be implemented on target markets – 4.


Project value:

The total value of the project is PLN 642,248.35 (six hundred and forty-two thousand two hundred and forty-eight zlotys, 35/100)


Contribution of European Funds:

Co-financing of the project constituting de minimis aid – PLN 545,911.09 (five hundred and forty-five thousand nine hundred and eleven zlotys 09/100)


Project completion dates:

01.11.2020 – 31.10.2022 r.

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