The prizes are an integral part of an effective entertainment center with a gaming zone, the main driving force of business and a magnet for attracting customers. At the same time, objective problems related to the necessity of constant control and monitoring of stock levels and the cost of purchasing prizes are an important factor affecting the profitability of a business. Without proper support, each operator of the gaming zone wastes about 50% of the time ordering and arranging prizes and dealing with complaints.

We offer a solution in the form of an innovative Pug Toys system

for issuing prizes, which is integrated with the warehouse and the stock system. In addition to the software that records activities related to the issuance of prizes and generates detailed reports, the system also includes:

  • POS – a touchscreen computer that records the processes of issuing prizes, can be also used for accounting for employees and managing the premises,
  • barcode scanner for tickets won by players and for issuing prizes.

Pug Toys allows you to reduce losses and errors,

automatically replenish products in your stock system and facilitate inventory. If necessary, the Pug Toys system will also help you settle a quick complaint and access to the sales platform with a preview of product photos and quick service. An important added value of using the Pug Toys system is that you do not need to run and control the warehouse anymore andyou can avoid any inconvenience related to it, because we provide you with prizes on an ongoing basis – in accordance with the actual demand!


Pug Toys – the highest quality you can afford!

To meet the expectations of managers who would like to try the unique solutions of the Pug Toys system, we have prepared a special initial package! Right now, for only PLN 5,000, you can receive a starter kit with prizes for the games zone with exhibition infrastructure worth PLN 25,000! Do you want to know the details of our unique offer? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

At Pug Toys you will find only the best quality prizes, which we have divided into 6 categories, dedicated for different age groups:

  • electronics,
  • sweets,
  • collectible gadgets,
  • plush toys,
  • kids,
  • games.

All Pug Toys products

are original and licensed goods from reputable brands that you can purchase at very attractive wholesale (stock) prices! Regardless, there are plenty of seasonal discounts and interesting promotions waiting for you.

Visit the Pug Toys Store Now!


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