The Pug2Play card system is a properly configured and integrated set, which consists of a multimedia kiosk, RFID readers installed on Arcade machines and a barcode scanner (for cards and tickets).

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What does a RFID reader help with?

The contactless RFID reader is mounted on Arcade machines and is equipped with a color LCD display. The Proplay reader is used to read information from players’ cards and punch tickets. It is equipped with a touch screen, the option of presenting the player’s avatar, as well as the function of displaying advertising videos.

What does Kiosk help with?

The Multimedia Kiosk is a functional device for selling player cards and the automatic top-ups. Equipped with a touchscreen Kiosk supports credit card and cash payments. In addition to issuing, registering, and supplying player cards with credits, the Kiosk also has a built-in camera for taking pictures of guests.


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