Did you know that Pug2Play can help you increase your revenue by at least 27% and cut your costs by 18%?

Pug2Play is a comprehensive solution for Arcade and entertainment zones. Thanks to implementing this system, you will increase the profitability of your business and save more time that you can dedicate to improve the standard of customer service or marketing activities. We offer you an optimized software and a reliable hardware, which consists of:

  • multimedia kiosk,
  • RFID readers forArcade machines,
  • barcode scanner for player cards and e-tickets.
bg-_0000_Increase your revenue

The Pug2Play system is characterized by a user-friendly interface,

it is simple and intuitive to use. The solution based on the contactless card system – enables the complete elimination of cash turnover and the inconvenience associated with it. Pug2Play will help you reduce time-consuming settlements by generating detailed financial reports, information on the solvency of individual machines and data on inventory (prizes). Personalized player cards are an effective way to attract a wide range of loyal customers and a factor that will allow you to instantly improve your business profitability. What is important, with the universal Pug2Play system you can successfully handle both e-tickets or stay with traditional paper tickets.

Are you interested in a several dozen percent increases in income related to running a games or family amusement center? Or maybe you would like to know more details about the functionality of Pug2Play or Pug Toys systems? Do not hesitate and contact us now!

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